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(women's international networking)

WIN is a global leadership initiative for women and men who want to expand the new paradigm of leading authentically, integrating feminine values and understanding global interconnectedness.


It was founded in 1997 by Norwegian Social Entrepreneur, Kristin Engvig and is celebrating 27 years of advancing, inspiring, and empowering women worldwide in 2024.


You can join WIN leadership programmes to find inspiration, knowledge, practical tools and contacts to help you succeed and prepare for the future.


WIN looks at emerging trends and explores how women are innovating and creating a future that works for all.

Leading companies share with WIN what they are doing to embrace women and create inclusive environments. They hear from pioneers and discover how their courage, perseverance and feminine touch have helped them move ahead and pave the way for others.


The 26th Annual Global WIN Conference leadership experience on Inspiring Women Worldwide: Creating Harmony - connected, generous and enlightened took place in-person and online from Rome in September 2023.


Find out about upcoming WIN programmes and meetings and how to get involved at

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