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About Us

PWG Basel, founded in 1990, is the Professional Women’s Group of Basel, a non-profit volunteer organisation made up of international English-speaking women from all around the world, who live in and around the Basel area.


PWG Basel exists to offer women of diverse professional and cultural backgrounds a platform to gain new insight, exchange information and share experiences whilst building friendships and professional relationships in a welcoming and social environment.


Share with us @

  • New ideas you want to test or improve. You will find an interested and friendly audience who give you feedback, encouragement. And … fun!

  • Your skills and talents. We will do the same!

  • News coming from your professional or personal area. You will become a huge treasure to the PWG members.


Connect with us to:

  • Network with women of diverse professional and cultural backgrounds

  • Explore interesting ideas

  • Meet women from all over the world, find new contacts, and make new friends

  • Develop new skills and create new experiences



Giving women the power and voice to lead the life they desire

Our Mission

A platform to help women achieve economic, social, personal, and entrepreneurial empowerment


PWG Executive Committee

PWG is administered by the PWG Executive Committee consisting of the offices: Chair, Vice-Chair, and Treasurer.

The PWG Executive Committee is responsible for the organisation of the PWG events, especially the monthly meetings, for the collection of membership and other fees, the distribution of funds for appropriate activities and for dealing with any other administrative or constitutional matters as they arise.

PWG Core Team

The Core Team consists of the Executive Committee members (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) and, where possible, a responsible representative of the following offices and their support groups:

  • Membership

  • Event & Volunteer Management

  • Website Management

  • Public Relations

  • Women Entrepreneurs


The following responsibilities and opportunities are shared by all PWG Members:

  • Promote PWG whenever or wherever there is an opportunity to do so – word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool!

  • Communicate openly and honestly with members. Listen, understand and respond to their needs, individually, as a group and as part of the whole organisation.

  • Propose and organise special projects or events for networking, more in-depth information, education, and skills training

  • Agree to conduct themselves in a professional and business-like manner, treating other members with respect at all times


For more information, please refer here: Terms and Conditions

Also link to the latest PWG Basel Statutes

PWG Friends & Affiliates

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