These sessions are definitely your starting point to make Basel your home. Every district of the City of Basel has one. 

PWG has collaborated with the city of Basel to offer free sessions to help newcomers find their way around the many services & benefits to living here.

These informative sessions touch on important subjects such as:

  • Work Permits & Self- Employment.

  • Vocational Training in Switzerland.

  • What Makes The Swiss Tick.

Visit our online calendar and reserve your place to our next session. It is important for us to co-create these evenings with - making sure that we get you the answers that you are looking for.

Please submit your questions here.

The PWG Expert sessions are designed to help women gain knowledge and expertise to help them in their professional careers. Every month we introduce a speaker who is an expert in their field to share tools, resources and practical info with our group.

Topics include:

  • Building your value - Personal brand development

  • Going Digital - Strategies for your business

Our guests will also have an opportunity to engage speakers directly during our pre-event aperol.

Members:10 CHF

Non-Members: 20CHF

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:


Are you currently transitioning between jobs? Are you new in Basel and want to know about the job market in Switzerland?  Welcome to PWG’s Job Hunt Support Group.

The purpose of our group is to:

  • provide job seekers with resources and ideas

  • to meet and share experiences with other women who are also exploring new employment opportunities.

We typically meet:

  • On the first and third Friday morning @ 9am to 11:30am 

  • At Oetlingerstrasse 192, 4057 Basel.  ( Heartful Space)

  • Members: 5 CHF

       Non- Members: 10 CHF

*Drinks will be provided by PWG.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: membership@pwg-basel.ch 

View Our Calendar for Upcoming Event Dates

During the year, PWG organize other meetings, special workshops or events for its members.

Special workshops:
Members propose particular workshops for small groups in order to improve skills, to discover methods for professional or personal development.

A contribution might be requested from the attendees.

Social events such as informal lunches, breakfasts or dinners are organized throughout the year to improve networking, find friends and have some fun.

You can register for these events through our registration link HERE or

email us at info@pwg-basel.ch for more info.

PWG Members get discounted rates & exclusive access to our recorded events

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