As a member of the Professional Women’s Group of Basel (PWG) and/or as a participant of any PWG event or activity …


I consent and authorise PWG copyright and use of any images and videos taken of me at PWG events and activities throughout the current year or period of my membership, whichever is applicable at the time of reading this.


I understand that these images and videos may be used for a variety of purposes and may appear on the PWG website, PWG social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and on promotional materials. 


I also understand that PWG will use the images and videos exclusively for PWG-related purposes and not any commercial gain. In addition, PWG will store these digital images and videos electronically in a secure electronic filing system.


Since anyone can download an image and/or a video from the internet or make copies from printed materials, I acknowledge that PWG is not responsible for such unauthorised use. It is understood that I am not entitled to any compensation and that the images and videos may appear with or without my name.


I acknowledge I have read and understood all of the above.


Concerns or questions related to this topic can be directly addressed to: