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Members: 20 CHF

Guests & Non-Members: 40 CHF

This month’s Let’s Discuss topic is all about:




  • What is teamwork?

  • What does good teamwork look like and how do you achieve it?

  • What if you are in a team and not everyone is a team player?

  • Is teamwork the same for all genders?


Join Olga and Sarah, the PWG Exec Committee members, talk about their journey of getting to know each other, reforming PWG after the Covid crisis, their experience of working in teams, and how do they work together as a team.


Come share also your experience and hear from others about good and bad teamwork.


Friday 17th November 2023

7:30pm - 9:30pm

Food & wine are included

Café con Letras, Rheingasse 69

4058 Basel

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