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Members: 20 CHF

Guests & Non-Members: 40 CHF

PWG Basel warmly welcomes life and medication coach, Anisa Zafar to talk about:

The Power of the Vagus Nerve
A Guide to Calmness and Stress Reduction for Busy Women

This highly actual and beneficial topic promises ...

  • Understanding about the role of the vagus nerve in the body's stress response system

  • Learning how to activate the vagus nerve to promote relaxation and reduce stress

  • Exploring techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, and gentle exercises to calm the vagus nerve

  • Discovering the connection between vagal tone and emotional well-being at work


We recommend you bring something to take notes with.
This is one talk  you will want to remember!

Thursday 27th 2024

7:30pm - 10:00pm

Food & wine are included

Café con Letras, Rheingasse 69

4058 Basel

About Anisa

Anisa Zafar is a dedicated meditation teacher based in Basel, with a passion for helping ambitious and successful women maintain high energy levels while striving to achieve their goals.


With certifications in stress management and trauma coaching, Anisa empowers her clients to cultivate inner peace amidst life's challenges. Through her guidance and expertise, she supports women in harnessing their full potential and creating a harmonious balance between personal well-being and professional success.


Anisa's holistic approach to wellness and mindfulness has transformed the lives of many, inspiring them to lead fulfilling and purpose-driven lifestyles.


She is a writer of Emotional Healing Through Art and meditation.

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