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Better Changes. Better You.

A place for you ... to connect with like-minded professionals, make new friends, feel empowered with new skills and knowledge, or simply enjoy a fun relaxing evening - all thanks to our network of professional women based in and around Basel Switzerland.

PWG welcomes diversity - women (and men) of all backgrounds, cultures, and professions, from businesses big or small, to be a part of our community.

We aim to deliver and share with you a range of topics about personal development, entrepreneurship, work, family, community, and more.


Join us and be part of our monthly events.

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Friday 26th April

Members' Complimentary Activity

Unleash Your Inner Artist

Action Painting at Paint It Easy, starting at 19:30

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Next up ...

Friday 31st May

A Community

PWG is a not-for-profit organization that has local and international members. Most members live and work in the Basel region or neighboring communities in France and Germany.


Although the official language of the group is English, the vast diversity of backgrounds and interests allows us to attract members who speak a variety of languages.

Many of our members have established careers within globally renowned companies or are successful entrepreneurs in the Basel area. Other members are addressing different challenges such as furthering their education, mastering a foreign language, seeking new career opportunities, or raising their families. This mosaic of personalities and backgrounds imparts a unique and international spirit to the group.

We are an affiliate of Centrepoint which serves as a home for Basel’s international community. We also continue to forge mutually beneficial links with other organizations and businesses in the Basel region and Switzerland.

Our Team

Vice-Chair PWG Basel

Sarah Chan

Chair PWG Basel

Olga Quesada

Inquiries PWG Basel



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