Women Entrepreneurs Year in Review

PWG-WE 2007 Review

January – Wishing You a Prosperous This Year! We established that a large portion of our members are interested in having the wider English-speaking community know about our products, businesses, and services. Thus, the idea of organizing a Women Entrepreneurs Business Expo was formalized. A full discussion led to the development of a concept, which was presented to and enthusiastically approved by the PWG Committee.

February – What Works! What doesn’t! Although the subject of February’s meeting was ‘Promotion,’ we found ourselves instead questioning what aspects of the WE Business Expo project needed to be developed first. The four main areas identified were vision/concept, image, outside communication, and finances. Major ideas were recorded from the discussion and passed on to the Steering Committee. The SC members Lucy Douglas, Rebecca Heid, Vicki Pracht, Annabelle Sorge, and Lorraine Rytz are now busily developing a strategy for action. And all eager volunteers will soon be assigned tasks and responsibilities to help advance this project.

March – Planning for Success This discussion deftly prioritised all the stages and facets involved in planning for an event. Not limited too, but rather using the PWG-WE Business Expo as a concrete example for discussion, the group identified their top three priorities as venue, date, and costs. All of these are significant yet inextricably intertwined. Sage advice from the members suggested that we approach the planning with the end in mind, and set and manage time frames using time-line process. With regards to setting the exhibitors’ fee, an experienced member cautioned us to remember that the exhibitor’s total investment also included their time as well as promotional, display, and handout materials. All of this is relevant for determining the return on investment.

April – Communication Through the Medium of Print Guidelines and practical advice for effective marketing, writing and graphic design. The important question about communication in print is, what works? There is no single, set, or right way to do everything. There is just what works. Presentation offered by Anne Corbisier, who holds a Masters Degree in Marketing and Communication.

June – Achieve Your Business Goals Workshop and follow-up Tele-seminar setting out a step-by-step process for achieving your goals and support system for success. Our emotions and thoughts around Money became the main theme for discussion. Lead by Liselotte Molander, Executive and Leadership Coach.

PWG-WE 2006 Review

January – Extreme Self-Care for Female Professionals Executive Career Coach Liselotte Molander guided us in workshop fashion towards identifying our own stumbling blocks to success and suggested ways for overcoming them.

February – The Path: Creating Your mission Statement for Work and Life While visiting from Canada, motivational trainer Jeanne Thériault helped us to become aware of how a carefully thought out mission statement acts as both harness and sword, connecting us with what is true about our life while cutting away all that is false.

March – Cross Promotions: The Ultimate in Win-Win Networking The group explored the unlimited possibilities for seeking out new customers/clients using cross-promoting techniques. The groundwork was laid for members to peruse defined joint ventures together.

April – Networking as Expatriate Women Entrepreneurs Susanna Reay shared from her MBA research into “The Role of Networking in Expatriate Female Entrepreneurial Activities’ which highlighted that expatriate women entrepreneurs are a growing force to be dealt with in today’s economy!

May – Hello, may I introduce myself … The group explored techniques for putting our best foot forward. 30-second introductions capable of leaving a lasting impression about oneself and business were fashioned.

June – Gets Clients Now! Professional Certified Coach Heidi Röthlisberger introduced us to the book and marketing strategy of C.G. Hayden. A subsequent group telephone coaching session was offered at a special price to the club, leading us into immediate action with a 28-day program geared towards creating sales and a marketing plan.

September – Awaken Women Speaking from her rich outer and inner life experiences, Kunbi Korostensky, ND guided us to look at how we might seamlessly blend our femininity and personal spirituality into our life, career or business. Kunbi is the founder of the International Conference for Women and Women Entrepreneurs (ICWWE).

October – Essential Sharings For Women Members shared their personal experiences of events on offer in our local market place today specially geared towards women; Women International Networking (WIN), Awaken Women (ICWWE), BlueSky Seminars and some favorite books, etc.

November – Resilience: the key to staying in business? Discussion led by Sandra Ondraschek-Norris, trainer, coach and counselor on how to develop the ability of dealing with adversity and thriving in spite of setbacks, thus the art of resilience.

PWG-WE 2005 Review

February – Show & Tell – members talked about the things, events, people, books, etc that influenced and helped to shape who they are today and what they do in their business applications.

March – Joint Focus on Careers and WE meeting – the theme and skill building of Networking was discussed by guest speaker Christine Amstutz from Basel Area + Business Development.

April – Success Stories – real-life business experiences shared by our guests: Consultant Mary D’Arcy of CTC Clinical Trial Consulting GmbH, Singer/Teacher Susan Pombo-Ball of Kindermusik, Architect Maureen Reinersten of h.o.m.e.s. GmbH, and Therapist Joan Simmons of Holistic Harmony.

May – Telephone Magic! – Professional Certified Coach Heide Röthlisberger inspired us with her genuine love for using the phone, outlining for us how to correctly use this instrument in obtaining new clients for our businesses.

June – Make It Happen! – Architect Lee Luxford of Architecture +, gave us a brief and practical refresher course on how to transform our thoughts, desires and wishes into reality.

September (joint FonC and WE) – Networking Do’s and Don’ts – managing partner of Clarena AG, Roger Meier guided us through the maze of identifying and developing our personal networks to (tactfully) working our networks by adhering to professional Do’s and Don’ts. Members went home with the ways and means for powerful job hunting & networking in an efficient manner.

October – Asset Allocation: an analytical strategic tool – was introduced by Nathalie Merkelbach a private banker with E. Gutzwill & Cie, Banquiers. Participants were guided through a practical exercise designed to teach the utilization of this tool within their own businesses or situations.


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