At PWG, we value and depend on the engagement of our volunteers. We only exist through the commitment, determination, and creativity of our members. It is volunteers who, with every little step, turn PWG’s Vision into reality. The women of PWG do this because, in some aspect or another, they find that altruistic engagement is a rewarding one.

Our leadership committee members are professional and caring. Volunteers are part of supportive teams and have interesting colleagues to share the work load with. Proud to be a membership funded organization, the annual budget always provides for adequate equipment, material and resources, as well as the occasional ‘dream’ item or project.

Volunteering is a social activity through which individuals are appreciated and earn admiration. At PWG, this can be achieved at a personal level while working with diverse women in a multi-cultural environment (come make friends!), and at a professional level by actively collaborating with women of varied professions and networks. 

Being a volunteer at PWG:

  •  brings a sense of achievement and of being recognized and valued. You can truly grow!
  • You can offer your expertise to the service of others or learn a new skill.
  • You can develop your multiple talents – even those outside of your profession. 

Choose to take on a leadership role or be part of a supporting team. Whether holding a micro or macro volunteer role, you are contributing to an organization of professional women with over 30 years of existence in Basel, Switzerland. Align with and help realize the PWG Vision and its member driven goals. Commit yourself to the best of your capacity.  Be part of the heart of PWG!

Could there be something in volunteering also for you? Take a look at PWG current volunteering opportunities — and see which of these roles fulfills your wishes: be they for yourself, the organization, or the greater community.

You could be part of our long-term volunteers or our Hop on Hop off volunteers, which get on board to help for a specific task or event, takes some time off to help again when is needed. 

Meet, Share, and Connect with other members faster and more intensively than through regular events. You will find that PWG has a welcoming culture that nurtures a special feeling of being at home.



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