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Let's Discuss: Transitions - coping with Change


Whether it's our choice or it's thrust upon us, change can bring both opportunities and chaos. And having a roadmap to navigate through the fog is essential.


As a mindset coach, Jill brings with her a strong passion for the topic of change and the life experience to back it up. Leveraging her numerous personal transitions in both career and countries lived-in, learn how Jill moved through her challenges both the hard way and with ease. 


Today, her intention is to help lighten the load for others so they can face transitions fearlessly with pride and wisdom.

  • How to keep your cool while emotions are running hot

  • Why it's useful to linger in the grey areas rather than rushing to make them black and white

  • Ways to adopt a more helpful mindset to feel more like an explorer than a victim 

  • Why we must let go of control to get unstuck and keep moving forward

Friday 25 November, 2022

7:30pm - 9:30pm

Café Con Letras, Rheingasse 69, Basel

(Tram/bus stop Rheingasse. Walk straight down Rheingasse street)

An evening of learning and sharing ... with food, wine, and great company!

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