Job Hunters – Share and Connect

by Eliane Garo, October 2012

  • Are you between jobs? I might know your future employer.
  • Are you self-employed and struggling to find your first customer? My husband’s colleague might be your future best client.
  • Do you have a teenage daughter or son willing to do some babysitting? My English-speaking neighbor has been looking for a good one for ages!

Are you new in Basel? What is then most challenging for you? What are your needs?

You love opera, theater and are looking for someone who would share a season pass with you?

You recently read a great book and would like to share the title with everyone?

If that’s the case, the sharing – connecting section of the newsletter is for you!

Speak out and tell us what your needs are, tell us about a recent experience you had, what you could offer and I am sure someone will connect with you.

Don’t wait! Send 1-2-3-4 or more sentences to newsletter and we will publish it. No need to write something fancy. One line can be enough.
Don’t forget that you can also connect with other PWG members via our LinkedIn group or via our PWG website

I would like to be the first one to share my story with you. It will take more then one or two sentences but I think it is worth to share.

I lost my job in the spring of this year. Losing a job is something uncomfortable. It was not nice when I heard my company will be
closing this coming fall.

I knew I will be out of my comfort zone for some time, I will have to spend lots of energy reading job descriptions, understanding how things are done and organized in other companies, call and meet people to get the right information, dare to ask, network, understand where I am and decide where I want to be, dare to say I don’t want that job, be patient, prepare for interview, convince and wait for the right time, right place, right people.

I now found a new job that fits my expectation and I am happy I can plan my life again. Networking gave me the energy to go through this life experience. The interesting discussions and unexpected questions I had helped me find the way forward.

If someone is going through the same in life, get in touch with me. I would love to help others. I would love to share my job hunt experience and connect.

Eliane Garo, PhD
Drug Product Project Manager


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