Committee Structure

The structure of the Committee, or how the Committee is going to work/function, is decided by the Committee as a whole.

The PWG Committee is responsible for the organization of the PWG events, especially the monthly meetings, for the collection of membership and other fees, the distribution of funds for appropriate activities and for dealing with any other administrative or constitutional matters as they arise.

These responsibilities and opportunities are shared by all Committee Members:

  • Promote PWG whenever or wherever there is an opportunity to do so – word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool!
  • Communicate openly and honestly with our members. Listen, understand and respond to their needs, individually, as a group and as part of the whole organization.
  • Propose and organize special projects or events for networking, more in-depth information, education and skills training.

Core Committee ( Committee Managers)

The Core Committee consists of the Executive Committee members (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) and a responsible representative of the following offices and their support groups:

  • Membership
  • Volunteer Management
  • Event Logistics
  • Website Management
  • Public Relations
  • Job Hunt Support Group
  • Women Entrepreneurs

The Core Committee Members discuss, plan and concretize what is to do in order to run and develop PWG. They have to attend all Committee meetings or to communicate precise and current information before the meeting.

Each Core Committee Member has to make sure she has all necessary information from her Support Group (see below) for the committee meetings and to inform all the Support Group members of any news or developments from the committee meeting.

Committee Support

Members of the support groups are considered as Committee Members but don’t need to attend the Committee meetings but they can if they wish or of if they are responsible for a special project.
They also can represent their office if the Core Committee Member is not available. They receive the minutes of the Committee Meetings.

The responsibility of this representative is to make sure that she has all necessary information from all the members of the support group for the committee meetings. She has to inform all the support group members of any news or developments from the committee meeting.

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings take place usually every month in the evening at Centrepoint. Minutes from the committee meetings will be distributed to all committee members.

Special workshops for all committee members are usually organized once or twice per year and should attended as far as possible. They are essential for developing a team spirit and a common vision for the future of the PWG.


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