About PWG

Our Mission:

The Professional Women’s Group of Basel exists to offer women of diverse professional and cultural backgrounds a platform to gain new insights, exchange information and share experiences whilst building friendships and professional relationships in a welcoming and social environment.

Who we are:

The PWG is a not-for-profit organisation that has over 130 members from more than 25 countries. Most members live and work in the Basel region or neighbouring communities in France and Germany. Although the official language of the group is English, the vast diversity of education and interests allow us to attract members that speak a variety of languages.

Many of our members have established careers within globally renowned companies or are successful entrepreneurs in the Basel area. Other members are addressing different challenges such as furthering their education, mastering a foreign language, seeking new career opportunities or raising their families. This mosaic of personalities and backgrounds imparts a unique and international spirit to the group.

We are an affiliate of ‘Centrepoint‘ which serves as a home for Basel’s international community. We also continue to forge mutually beneficial links with other organisations in the Basel region and Switzerland.

The Statutes of PWG.

Hear a few words from our former Chair, Jeanne Heinzer (2012).

Statement of Chair, Isabelle Valibus

Nobody can succeed alone and it always was by burning convection, in my work as a management consultant and trainer, in my life, in my dreams too: connecting, sharing and acting together is the most powerful way of creating great things in this world.

Isabelle Valibus – Chair 2013


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