Do you know how the Swiss tick

Hi all,

I am sure that you found interesting answers during your time here in Switzerland.

The most interesting and potentially frustrating it is when you arrive new and don´t know about the customs and traditions. It is key to find out, it helps you to understand the people around you and become part of the community where you live. Celebrating traditions and the religious holidays together are a bond that connects people. We need other people to thrive in our lives and the feeling of being at home somewhere is the result of that shared experience.

This is the reason why we are dedicating an entire session to this topic: How do the Swiss tick?

Here is what we will be talking about

  • Population and diversity of Switzerland
  • Geography
  • How to say hello
  • Presents
  • Friendship 
  • and indirect communication in general  

We want to get together on Monday for an hour or so and exchange our thoughts and experiences. Get prepare to participate and engage.

Lets connect on this human level.
Lets use the technology to serve our need of connection 

Register here

Looking forward to welcoming you

Inspirational regards




Check out more about a very famous custom – the Basler Fasnacht




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