Is education the new currency?

The disconnect between what skills and competencies companies want their young talents to have and what the education system is producing is growing bigger and bigger.

What do we need to learn to be successful in the 21st century?

Everything is changing currently, even on a daily basis, who still knows what will be needed in a year from now?

Yes, I am fully with you. We are back to basics. We all need a real strong foundation in the skill of being able to cope with new realities, to deal with ambiguity and to motivate oneself to look behind fear, daring to research a question with controversial answers. Call it common sense or the ability to analyse, or the competency to dive into complex topics and drive to understand that it takes time to learn something new.

It takes courage to look around the obvious, and find the neutral, objective voices, unbiased and independent sources to gain a comprehensive view point. It also takes strength to allow yourself the time to go through that process without making judgement beforehand.

In our upcoming event we look at vocational education and training as a way to

  • certify your knowledge that you might bring from another educational system and country.  
  • connect with people from the same background and profession
  • add a qualification and Swiss Education Certificate that wins you the promotion or change of role in the job

Looking forward to the discussion especially.

See you soon




The inspiration to this article was following data I found refereed to by Michael Fullen during his NEA speech in October 2012: the research then highlighted a dismal picture of 56% of teachers who are dissatisfied with teaching and 63%% of students who feel apathetic about school. Another 8 years later in Sept 2020 you can extrapolate yourself where we have reached today …

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