Fukushima and other disasters

Fukushima and other disasters

Fukushima and other disasters

All events canceled – existential challenges for millions of people. I bet that if someone would have predicted what the beginning of 2020 will look like, we would not have believed it. This is the nature of predictions.  
The last weeks have been a roller coaster for me – and I am not fond of roller coasters at all. It took some time to distance myself from the media induced wave of fear until I found back to the facts finding me who I am, especially when I need to make a confident decision. 

It takes time to find a new solid ground. Yes, I am faster than others. This is because I am not new to disasters. I am so fortunate to already have disaster survival skills. During my life in Japan I lived through the Nuclear Disaster of Fukushima on 11.March 2011. With a magnitude of 8,9 the earthquake was the 5th largest earthquake that ever happened. I was 597 km away and safe and sound in a several hundreds of years old wooden castle at 14:46:18, the exact time when it happened. 

The disaster I experienced was the reporting of the media and how the Japanese government handled the situation. None of the reporting was trustworthy. I am a person who knows about the danger of nuclear radiation. I was a kid when Tschernobyl happened on 26. April 1986 and 1467 km away from it in my hometown in Austria. All of the learnings made it into the education system and everyone in Europe knows about it through our school books and history lessons. Not the case in Japan. Japanese people do not know about the Tschernobyl nor about the dangers Nuclear Technology brings. The accident in Fukushima did not change that, pure lies continued to be distributed to people.

Several weeks filled with continued earthquakes of different magnitude, made me feel very insecure and got me thinking that “this would not happen in Europe”. With “this” I refer to the earthquakes and the devastating role of the Media. Through the reports from the author and Japan expert Judith Brandner, who I worked with at the Nagoya City University during my time, I learned about the real facts about the accident, the people affected, the Nuclear Energy lobby and the networks of power behind. It was very hard to believe. Actually “hard” is a very soft word for it. With a big step back into 2020, I realize that I was proven wrong. It happened in Europe, it happens in Europe. It happens now.  

My learning: The truth is learned, never told.

It takes time to reflect. It takes time to find the facts needed. It takes time to digest the reality you find.

It is worth it. Take the courage and live a self-determined and self-responsible life – not everyone has the gift of living their lives in a democracy.

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