Aha Moments

We all have lots of plans we would like to see turn into reality. Many of those things we want to do don’t lead us to growth and remain a long lost desire, mainly because we start doubting ourselves. Then there are the people surrounding us who might not be the courageous ones, the ones stepping out of their comfort zone who embrace a challenging road to make a dream come true. There is that moment when we decide not to take that first step because there is a piece of information missing. 

We listen to friends or family members, or a friend of a friend, but we don’t go to the right source to get the missing piece. 

Sometimes we don’t have the finances to pay for the information, or we just like to rely on the people close to us that we know are not going to lie to us. Sometimes we just don’t know where to look for the right information. This is where our first step dies, fear of the unknown takes control of the steering wheel and drives us around. Nights of wishing for the next day to do what we want only to end up the next morning doing nothing to help us achieve our goals. 

Where should we get the right information? Who can you actually trust these days? 

It is hard to separate people who just want to sell you something without real value from honest and open individuals sharing what they know. 

If you know something that might be useful to someone else, share it. It might not be as helpful as you thought, however you could be this hand someone needed to make that one first step.

An aha moment, the last push you needed to start moving, a failure story to finally make you understand where your strengths are … keep on looking for those clues, the last pieces of the puzzle to give you that strong feeling of you being on the right path. Even if it scares you, you will know that this is your thing to do. Don´t let the fear of the unknown take control of the steering wheel. It was there, that good feeling just before fear or doubt kicked in. You need to listen closely to this inner voice. It sometimes disappears very quickly. 

PWG is a place where you can listen, learn and be just the way you are. We help you find the courage for the next step in your life.

Jutta Jerlich 



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