How to keep the world moving*

Jutta with the Aha Moment’s frame in Blaukreuz Brockenhalle

Jutta with the Aha Moment’s frame in Blaukreuz Brockenhalle

In the purely economically driven world we seem to live in, everything is about goal setting, take-aways and how to measure that we have done the right thing. In the corporate world, everyone talks about KPIs – standing for Key Performance Indicator – as the one thing that determines if you are successful or not. I don’t think this is the right approach to be applied to everything, even in business. As if we have to define the value of each and every moment in life to feel valuable ourselves. 

For me life is about moments – I have always been searching for those aha moments, the moments when you can see the eyes of a person lighting up. You can literally see that something has happened, a flash of energy. 

I think this is what keeps the world moving. 

Those insights we gain when we are able to sit still and reflect, or working on something difficult and figure out the solution, or listen to a story and find the answer to a question you have because of it. When do these moments happen for you the most? When you are alone and still or with people? Have you been able to noticed them before?

What do you think, Olga?

“I’d like to believe that we all have experienced some of these moments whether we care enough to pay attention or just keep it moving like any other day. Should we embrace them? Should we stop everything we are doing and acknowledge that we just reach a different level in whatever it is we were doing? I honestly couldn’t tell you. I’m one of those people that don’t necessarily pay attention to my aha moments – maybe I should. 

At the moment I’m learning to embrace them not counting them yet, although I believe Jutta might have a little agenda with how many aha moments we had together since we met and I know when we have one bad day she will take it out and enlighten us with every single moment when we encountered that flash of energy. At the end that’s what keeps the world moving, isn’t it?”

It is not easy to capture those moments when you see something for the first time. When you understand the context or suddenly have the answer to a question you have been asking yourself for a long time. Writing those flashing thoughts down is something successful people do, I read somewhere. 

What are the moments that count for you?


Jutta & Olga

*Article written for Centrepoint newsletter’s Horizon


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