Finding home in Basel


“I am going home.”  

With this statement my family was confused. Where is she going? Isn`t she home already? During my vacation in my home country Austria in 2009, during the time I lived in Japan, I said that I am going home, meaning to go back to Japan, the country of residence at that time. Being home around my family and calling another place your home was also confusing me.

A growing number of people worldwide are living in countries not considered their own. What defines “home?” Is it people, a specific place or a feeling that reminds us of memories made during a certain period of time? What does going “home” or being “home” mean to you?

We believe that feeling home is the basis of our wellbeing. PWG is a place and it is also a group of people who want our members to find that little piece of home with us in Basel. All of our activities aim at giving you that base for building a life that you call your home.

This year we are able to show this with a series of events. We are honored to have the support of the Kanton Basel Stadt with five expert speakers. We called our series: Arrive with your heart – Orientation and knowledge about Basel.

On April 8, 2020 we planned to start with an evening about the so-called Quartierstreffpunkte. These quarter meeting points are located in every neighborhood in Basel. They are the backbone of life in Basel Stadt and play an essential role in how fast you will get towards a feeling of home. We find it very valuable to get to know what they are, who you meet there and how it helps you to feel home in Basel by the very people who are responsible for them.

We want to hear from you in the comments: Let us know how you define home

Looking forward to meeting you soon

Inspirational regards



The motto of PWG is to support women in their next step – be it a new job, the promotion you wanted or building that business you were always dreaming about. That is why we will continue this series throughout the year with topics around work permits, self employment and insights about vocational education and training in Switzerland. 


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