Exercising your Creative Side at BaselHack

Dates for your calendar: BaselHack and its Pre-Events

Did you know the city of Basel has its own Hackathon?

But BaselHack is different and does not compare to any other hackathon out there. Standard ones usually have a theme with challenges of companies to be solved and commercially oriented sponsors who want to hire teams after the hack. This means that competition is on, which creates an atmosphere with pressure, not much different than in a work situation. People come with goals to get hired, the motivation to win the prize money or gain public fame.

Here is what is setup differently:

  • Organized by a group of tech enthusiasts
  • no payable software licenses – to allow projects to live longer than the hack
  • Open Source – all code to be re-used by anyone
  • Open for everyone show – access to pitches for a public audience
  • Topic selected by the people present – a strong statement for the city and region

The BaselHack team believes that the BaselHack is much more than a Hackathon. The motto is to connect people, take fun seriously and grow open innovation.

To encourage and inspire your creative venes the BaselHack team organized two cool BaselHack Pre-Events to kickstart your ideas.

23. OCTOBER 2019| 13:00 – 17:00
How to Integrate Renewables into our Power Grid – Ideation Workshop for Smart Grid Control Innovators.
Register here

24. OCTOBER 2019 | 17:30- 19:30
Listen – Build – Learn – Inspire ourselves to improve a person’s life. Ideation Workshop for Health Hackers.
Register here

2. and 3. NOVEMBER 2019 | Be there at 9:30
BaselHack 3rd Edition
Register here

PWG is at the Hack – because Jutta Jerlich, our Vice-Chair is a very proud member part of the BaselHack Organizers Team. There will be more female power present, she says, so put the dates in your calendar and look forward to a time to be creative and inspired with a group of like-minded people from the Basel Region.

We are cordially inviting you to join us

See you there


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