Food for Thought Lunch – Special Edition! Picture-taking & Video-making!!

Last Thursday on the 19th of September we had set up the Food for Thought lunch a little different then usual: this time we introduced two women entrepreneurs, Caroline Hancox, photographer, and Saskia van Ooijen, videographer, to come, introduce themselves and… make pictures and video’s right after lunch! 

It was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed lunch at the Café Klösterli, a tiny little cafe with very reasonable priced lunch menus. Everybody was having a great time chatting and the most heard comment was: „It‘s great to have some time to really get to know each other over lunch!“

Of course, at the end of the lunch, everybody started to check if the smiles were clean again, set up a lipstick-revival, a glance in the mirror and off we went. While some got their first video or picture taken, the others continued to chat over coffee. Time passed so quickly that way and it left little-to-no time to get nervous! 
All the ladies were very excited about the great PWG-member price we got, and the easy idea of a combined lunch, so perhaps we will organize this again! 
Of course, we are now waiting for the results to drop in, and we hope all of the ladies will share them in our group! 🙂 With Special thanks to Saskia for helping to organise it, and of course for the video-making, and Caroline for the picture taking: you are both stars in making us feel comfortable in front of a camera!
And to all the ladies who came; thank you so much, it was a great pleasure getting to know all of you!


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