Life Science Forum Basel on June 21st, 2019

We would like to bring the the Life Science Forum Basel to your attention. LSFB is an independent, interdisciplinary and practical knowledge sharing association supporting the Basel Life Science community and bringing a practical insight into the latest developments in the pharmaceutical field.
LSFB has created an open atmosphere for experience exchange and provide a discussion platform for the communication of the latest developments in the industry.

Every year the Forum organizes a meeting attracts more than 100 people to share, present and exchange on topics of interest. The LSFB wants to highlight leading edge and upcoming trends in the life science industry. This years event is titled Drugs, Digitalization and Transformations: From Devil’s Stuff to Miracle Cure?

The event is also especially interesting for those of you who are working or are looking to work in the local life science industry, as it offers a great opportunity for networking. PWG is proud to be a partner of the LSFB and will be present at the meeting, to inform the attendees of what we offer during the meeting breaks. If you like to join to spread the word about PWG, register for the event via the link below, and send an email to Aletta at to inform us.

Registration for this event is free of charge but since there is limited seating, registration is obligatory! More information and the registration form are available on the Life Science Forum Basel website.

Beatrice Ariano, PWG member and president of the LSFB, shared more details about the event:

What today is being viewed and banned as “illegal drugs” was in the past and is in different cultures part of standard medication (e.g. opioids). Recent studies show that some of these “illegal drugs” could be beneficial for therapy if wisely introduced and carefully used. The question we would like to pose in our talks is: should we re-think the ban of these drugs and engage in new therapeutic treatments where these “drugs” could be used beneficially for the patients?
Marc Vogel will do an introduction into this topic in his first talk: What are we talking about? Alois Stutzer will discuss the consequences of legal access to now “illegal drugs” for individual welfare. Marc Vogel discusses in his second talk (“Good, bad or Ugly?”) the tension between opioids in modern medicine and drug addiction crisis in Switzerland and the US.
Matthias Liechti will talk about indications for therapeutic effects of MDMA (Ecstasy) and LSD on selected psychiatric disorders. Guillaume Krepper reveals why investors should care about sustainable investments in health care, specifically in unmet health needs.


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