Fun With Juan and Wine

Photo Credit: Creative Cesar

If you remember a few weeks back we posted a four- day event in our Facebook page about a unique opportunity to learn and experience wine. It was a special offer made from our friend Juan the Wine Guru on Wheels to the members of PWG.

The spots were limited, however I was lucky to get one. I didn’t know what to expect, I just knew I was open to the experience and to learn something new. The first night, I arrived an hour earlier to Cafe con Letras, where the event takes place, to get a good spot.

We had a good time. Laughed, drank, learned and ate a nice spread of cheese and salami Juan had prepared for us. I recall Juan getting a bottle of white wine to share with the class. Despite not being a fan of white wine I put on a brave face and drank it anyway, not without telling everyone, before I took my first sip, how I dislike it.

The next day on Friday night I went to a Vernissage from a dear friend, Allison Tisdale Regnier. After walking around looking at some of the art I found myself standing by the wine table. With a glass in my hand, I wondered which one to take. I didn’t understand why I was questioning something that was a no brainer, I should have just choosen red, however I was there in front of plenty of bottles and I went immediately for the white one. For the first time ever I chose on my own will to drink white wine, and I enjoyed every sip.

Yesterday we met Juan for our second meeting. I was desperate to tell him what had happened. While I still couldn’t believe it, I could see happiness and pride in Juan’s face. It was like he knew something I didn’t.

There I was, in the main room at Cafe con Letras, holding my two wine glasses warming them up as instructed, because if the wine is too chill one can’t really get the proper taste. We were about to start tasting the intensity of each wine. This was the beginning of the road to wine with Juan. A lesson I’m looking forward to share with my family and friends.

Photo Credit: Creative Cesar

Don’t be surprised if you find me carrying two bottles of white wine from the same grape and area to compare the intensity, aroma and color.

I look back in a week time and realized: I started without expectations, simply loving red wine and disliking white wine and I’m in a position right now to have patience in exploring what it means to me and embracing new surprises. Now I’m looking forward to the adventure that awaits me.

I’d like to thank Dominique Goetz for giving me the impulse to write this piece. Listening to her “Arts of Writing” ideas on our past event helped me a great deal.

Thanks to Juan the Wine Guru on Wheels to allow me to experience fun in a glass.

and last but not least thanks to Louisa Wu, PWG Head of Marketing Department, who have read every draft from this post.

Olga Quesada


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