Meet the new PWG chair

Very happy to be able to share Olguita Quesada`s speech when being accepted as the new PWG Chair on 24.1.2019 at Quba Bachletten.

I heard some of you are not confident about the job I could do, and that’s ok, to tell you the truth I’m shaking right now. I’m more nervous and worried now that when I first heard that I was pregnant. But like then I am very excited. 

Change is always interesting because we are waiting for what’s next. But that’s not the question that we should ask right now, we should ask ourselves how can I help this train to keep moving, how can I help this ladies bring a quality product where you feel your money is well spent and you are getting quality content. 

And that’s where I come in. I want you all to stand next to me, I want you all to feel no woman is left behind, that your opinions matter, that your help even if it’s once, for three months or the whole year, it matters.

I ask you to NOT make me feel comfortable, keep me on my toes, keep me with fresh ideas and new ways of doing what’s has been done and what could be done in the future.

I want to thank Jutta that nominated me and she saw something in me. As I’m trusted with this position which I know  I can do, there is one thing that I have to confess I CAN NOT do this on my own, I can only do it with you all. 

Send me feedback, and I expect brutally honest ones.

Remember one thing PWG is for you from you. 



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