Our move – Not everything went right

Dear Ladies,
Dear Members,

Technology is changing fast and it is a challenge to keep up for everyone these days. At PWG our digital shop window – yes, our website – also became quite outdated and was complying with the requirements of our internal processes and the needs of our current members as well as new members.

After a long prepartion process we finally took the step and moved to a new version of our website with new functionalities. Yeah! We are not fully at the point to celebrate though because we are still in the process of adapting to use them, adapting standard functionalities to our special needs.

Not everything went well, unfortunately. A situation happened that lead to about 12 hours of internal member data visible publicly. We got to know about it fast –  thank you to the ones who reported it to us immediately – and our programmer got on it and fixed the problem within a couple of hours.
Please accept our sincere apologies.

We thank you for the trust in us and will continue to do our very best to our membership community.
The bright side of it was to receive great feedback from our members reporting the problem:

I want to pass my greetings to all of you who are doing such a great job at PWG. I am grateful for the possibility to have participated and I might re-join int he future when the schedule is less tight.

Now all data is secured again and we continue our integration work.

Please keep on reporting issues and anything you think could help us to improve our service for you. It is highly appreciated

Your Web Team


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