Adjusting to new environments

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Whether you have recently moved to a new city/country, started a new job in a new company or have experienced a significant life change – you must adapt and keep going. “Keep calm and carry on” as the famous quote says.  We each adjust in our own way.

For some, a big change in life is exciting and brings new challenges. For others, change is avoided as much as possible and to them the unknown is terrifying. There is no handbook telling us exactly what to do or how everything will turn out.

Dealing with the consequences of change, like leaving family members and friends behind, or going into a new workplace where you know no-one, is undoubtedly difficult and intimidating. However, instead of fixating on the negatives, focusing on the new experiences ahead and knowing the transition period is only temporary makes the process easier.

We’re not saying that adjusting to a new environment is not challenging, it certainly can be, especially when you have to learn a new language and understand a new culture. The best way to tackle these challenges is to be positive, keep your mind open, and rely on your support system for encouragement.

Life should be about enjoying who we were and how we can be the best version of ourselves. As long as we look at changes as an opportunity to grow and challenge ourselves, we won’t feel suffocated by these changes, au contraire, we will feel free and empowered. Embrace the change and allow yourself to enjoy every step of the way to what feels normal again.

Joining social organisations like Centrepoint or professional groups like PWG can jumpstart your adjustment to a new city or life change. Meeting other persons who were once in your shoes as a newcomer to Basel, receiving support and guidance during the job hunt process, or learning from others who stepped into the journey of becoming an entrepreneur and starting their own business will help you realise that you are not alone in a new environment or going through change. We invite you to join us at our upcoming Expert Session on 16th May where Deirdre Buurman and Chantal Vroom will present on their insights of setting boundaries and saying NO.

The workshop begins at 7:00 pm and is hosted at MARKTHALLE, Room D3 (Salon). Also, be sure to visit our booth at the Expat Expo on 27th May 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM at the Congress Center / Basel Messe. For more information check our events page.


Stephanie Schwab & Olga Quesada



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