New year, new opportunities, new logo. 2018 Annual General meeting.

Committee 2018

“Hello, we are PWG. How can we help you?” The last 25th of January we welcomed all women to join us at the PWG Annual General meeting. We celebrated it surrounded by the PWG crew, new members and guests who shared with us not only with their interesting anecdotes but also gave us feedback and new ideas for the activities that we are going to have this year.

A new year implies change, this year we had to say goodbye to some of our dear crew members but on the other hand we happily embrace our new ones. All of them are committed to use their talents and creativity for the group.

Aside from the presentations and formalities, we had a look at numbers and the budget for this year, (I know this is a not-so-sexy matter for some but we want to be super transparent with all of our members! ? ); we presented our new logo too, the change of colours and why. This is a reflection of how consolidate we are now as a group, the strong presence we have in Basel and our vision of the group (a greener one). But I think the main purpose and “The” question of the night was: “how can we help you?”. Our main goal is to create a community of women support and empowerment. We want to provide you content in which you are interested in and also which might be useful too. Thank you all for the amazing ideas!!

After greeting familiar faces I also approached to some new faces and I could relate with some of their stories. The way they feel in Basel and the aim of doing something for your own. (I feelya sistahhs!) This is a place to engage with people but also a place to receive inspiration and courage. I am convinced you will get it here.

Thanks to all the organizers for an amazing night and let’s get ready for what’s to come!


Author: Pamela Gómez Benítez



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