The PWG Basel Podcast #1

PodcastReading about PWG is one thing – but listening to what committee members who run PWG Basel say is another way to get to know who you will meet when attending one of our events.

Invest the time and listen to Marzena and Laura telling you about our more than 25 years old volunteering organization.

How come PWG has podcasts now?

Well, we are very lucky to know Olguita.

Olguita loved to volunteer at Radio X for almost 2 years. Her passion for radio is unextinguishable and we are so lucky to have her as an active committee member now.

She says

“Radio and podcasts are not the same – so please bare with me for this first version of it and let us know if you like it!”

PWG Basel – Part 1


PWG Basel – Part 2


PWG Basel – Part 3


PWG Basel – Part 4


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