Off the main track

And some more reflections after Basel Tour with Jakob shared by Judit Csapo – Karovits.
As long as I have been a member of PWG, I have been fascinated by the diversity of interests, nationalities, paths, energies and life journeys of our members.
PWG is about sharing our off the main track professional experience as much as our life experience in Basel.
On this unusually warm afternoon for Basel, Jakob’s specially designed city tour – “Women and walls of Basel” – strengthened the unique path fan in me and filled me with new curiosity about Basel, still holding hidden corners, new stories and new opportunities to discover !
We got to know famous women living in Basel who led movements, contributed to economic decision making, became famous in arts, were first to study at the Basel Uni, or women who “simply” showed courage and strength in the face of difficulty. They all chose to go off the main track! It was inspiring to get to know them.
Several of these women apparently lived along the road, where once the wall of Basel stood in the middle ages. Quiz question : can the remainder of the original wall be still seen in Basel? How did the reformation change Basel city life? How and why is this still important to us in the 21st Century?
Such and many more questions were answered by Jakob, who revealed many details as we entered some hidden spots under and above the ground in Basel. The evening was much fun and informative with a special apero ending on the Rhein in the sunset. What a treat!
It is definitely worth to search for off the main track paths in all areas of our life!
Judit Csapo – Karovits

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