3 things we like about Expat Expo

You can meet us from PWG at Expat Expo almost every year. Ever wondered why? Here are 3 things we like about Expat Expo Basel.

Building a community

After a few minutes at Expat Expo, you feel a part of the bigger English-speaking community. A one that is very needed. Talking with newcomers, you see that finding the safe-port of English speaking community before they sail into open seas of integrating with Swiss society is really needed and crucial.

Building a friendly and open community is actually PWG strength so we are always happy to see new ladies making on the spot decision and joining PWG during Expat Expo. Nine new members joined PWG that day. Welcome in PWG!


Meeting old friends

Imagine that you ask an Expat Expo visitor if she or he has already heard about PWG and the answer is “Of course. I’ve heard so many good things about you” or “Yes, I used to be your member and I’m thinking of coming back”. It is worth to be a PWG volunteer for these precious moments.

We have met many ladies (and even a few men) who were happy to see PWG in good shape, with new logo and great plans for the next meetings. So very soon the atmosphere at our stand (and our stand was told to be one of the busiest that day) was resembling a happy reunion or an apero at one of our meetings. And it was thanks to our volunteers that day Rylla Resler, Dolors Ambrosio Oria, Laura Salvador, Martina Klemm, Liz McCreary, Violeta Karalic. Thank you for your smile and energy on that day!


Getting feedback

Volunteering for PWG at Expat Expo is another chance to get the immediate feedback. And you can be quite sure, it is going to be a positive one.

Just start talking about PWG and you will see people interested in our mission. Show them what meetings do we plan and they will probably promise to come to one of them. Offer vouchers and gifts prepared by our members and partners and they will be genuinely grateful.

This year we were happy to offer vouchers prepared by our members:

and our partner Basel for Expats offering English-speaking tours around Basel for vouchers for our guests.

Thank you!

p.s. Save the date – in 2018 Expat Expo takes place on May, 27th. See you next year!


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