Tanja Popovic: A Career in Service Coming Full Circle

Professional Women's Group Basel April 2017 Meeting with Tanja Popovic

After hearing about Tanja’s worldly career path, the most unlikely place she could currently be working would be the most familiar of all locations: Basel.

Originally from Basel, Tanja studied History, Communications- and Media Sciences, and European Ethnology at the Universität Basel with a professional focus on Journalism or International Development Cooperation/Humanitarian Aid.

Upon graduating, the first step in her professional career would be in the area of International Development Cooperation in Eastern Europe and Cameroon. In the latter country, Tanja would work in Project Evaluation on HIV/AIDS, fight youth unemployment, and build women’s education and empowerment.

Subsequently, she would participate in election observation for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE); one of her destinations would be Montenegro where she would observe the Independence Referendum in 2006. Jumping ahead a year, Tanja would land in Nepal on a conflict transformation and peacebuilding mission, observing the first elections after the civil war in 2007-2008.

In all of her service abroad, Tanja believes that coming from the “neutral” country of Switzerland with no political agenda abroad afforded her a warmer reception in the areas she visited than had she had a different nationality, resulting in richer cultural exchanges and deeper insights.

Returning to Basel, Tanja completed a PhD at the Basel University on civil society activists in the field of dealing with the past, and currently heads the Welcome Center & Dual Career Advice at the Universitat Basel in addition to relocation services in the tri-country area.

But Tanja didn’t come to PWG to market her services – instead, she spoke in depth about the myriad benefits the Universität Basel offers the general public – many for free! – that many residents may not know about. Are you familiar with the following services provided by the Universität Basel?

PWG thanks Tanja for sharing with us her unique professional experiences in service and aid, and for informing us about the various benefits the Universitat Basel offers the community. We hope you’ve discovered a new way to enjoy Basel! Check out the photos below (thank you Jeanette Babik for the photos!):



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