Congratulations Sarka!

Sarka Fabre, member of the Professional Women's Group of BaselSarka Fabre, PWG member and former Job Hunt Support Group attendee, just recently landed her first job in Basel and we want to extend to her a very sincere congratulations on her achievement!

Sarka was gracious enough to answer some questions we had regarding her job-hunting journey – here are her answers:

What company are you working for now, and in what position? 
I work for a leading agriculture company as PMO support.

What do you believe was fundamental to getting the job?
Actively searching every day, keep networking, be positive, don’t give up!

Going back to work, what are you most looking forward to?
Meeting new people, learning new things, exploring the local market.

What was the biggest challenge you faced being unemployed?
I was not really aware about the job market in Switzerland, so the real situation suprised me a lot. For me personally it was really challenging to hear that some people are looking for job for years. At the same time I tried to not get discouraged by it and stay concentrated on my own job hunting.

Did you have advisors, mentors, or friends who supported you in the job-hunting process?
I was attending the job hunting sessions by PWG. I truly recommend Christine Groell as a great consultant. She helped me a lot with the job market orientation.

What advice would you give job-seekers?
Stay yourself! You are original and you have your very own skills and experience. Be active and confident. It is difficult but definitely possible!

Thank you Sarka for your encouragement! We’ll miss you at the Job Hunt Support Group meetings but we’re so happy for you as you embark on this new journey.


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