Introducing: #pwgbasel


Thanks to a recent influx of new volunteers, we are very excited to launch a few new initiatives! PWG is not only a networking group but possesses powerful digital platforms that can be used to promote and support our members. Now that we have extra hands, we want to:

Want some digital attention from PWG? It’s easy! Try any of these suggestions:

  • use the hashtag #pwgbasel for your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts to let us know we can like and share your posts
  • follow our Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram accounts so we can follow you back
  • like the posts we make that you want to keep seeing more of
  • Fill out this Google Form and specify which channels you would like us to follow and engage with, if you’re interested in having short articles written by you published on our website, and/or if you have suggestions for articles you would like us to write

PWG doesn’t care about getting the most likes – we care about giving our members a platform to be seen and heard. Help us do that for you!

What do you think about this new initiative? Leave us a comment below, or reach out through any of our social media channels. 



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