Annual Report 2016

We are proud to present the PWG Annual Report for 2016.


2016 will remain in our memories for a long time. The events that took place this year will definitely have an impact on our future. With that in mind, are we doing enough today to drive our lives where we want them to be? Are women winning the fight over gender equity? Are we becoming more visible and powerful? Are there more women in leadership positions? No, I don’t think so. There is still a long way to go. But, even if it’s on a small scale, at PWG-Basel we dedicate our efforts to get our members closer to where they want to be, bringing experts in self development, providing them with tools to persuade others, tips to manage difficult situations and be more assertive when communicating. At PWG we like to see you thrive because we all gain.

Laura Salvador


Take a look inside to learn:

  • who did we invite to speak at PWG meetings last year
  • what counties do our members come from
  • what meetings do we organize and how you can profit from being a PWG member.

annual report



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