Winter Event 2016 – Dumplings at Markthalle

dsc_6888“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart.” – Cesar Chavez

If this quote is true, then around 20 people left our Winter Event with a piece of Mandy Hu’s heart. Owner of Dragon Girl Dumplings, Mandy prepared side dishes like fried rice and a vegetable salad while showing us how to make proper Chinese dumplings. After mingling while sipping on wine, we put our glasses down and got our hands dirty kneading dough. Some members helped to boil the dumplings, while others chopped vegetables for the salad, and some of us helped stir the rice to keep it from sticking to the pan. My particular contribution was making sure Mandy didn’t end up with leftover wine…

Dining well is enjoyable enough, but making food together as a group is truly food for the soul. Our committee member Mandy Hu offered us her time and experience; the venue, Markthalle, provided the perfect ambience for an informal yet elegant event; and our volunteer photographer Dan Ford documented it all in gorgeous images. Check them out below!

Author: Liz McCreary

dsc_6746 dsc_6749 dsc_6759 dsc_6771 dsc_6857 dsc_6886dsc_6866 dsc_6881


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