Tenacity and Persistence: Keys to Job Hunting

zuzannaWhen I first met Zuzanna at one of PWG-Basel’s Job Hunt Support Group, her focused and determined attitude contrasted sharply with my sense of hopelessness and frustration that characterized my struggle to find a job in Basel at that time. Armed with more support, resources, and tools than before, I now find myself in a better frame of mind, and with hindsight it’s not hard to imagine that Zuzanna’s tenacity might have played a small role in her recent job offer.

Being tough-spirited alone, however, won’t land you a job. Zuzanna was kind enough to share her job-hunting experience with us in which she doles out a few nuggets of wisdom.

What is your new position and in what kind of company?
My position is Senior Analyst at a Pharma consulting company.

What do you think is the key element that got you the job?
Being a very good match for the company, as well as being recommended by an experienced colleague.

Going back to work, what are you most looking forward to?
A change in a lifestyle – from a homemaker to a professional.

What was the biggest challenge you faced being unemployed?
Finding “the first job” after graduating in a slightly different area.

Did you have any advisors, mentors, friends who supported you in the job-hunting process?
Yes! I mobilized all the resources from my previous job and studies.

What advice would you give to job seekers?
Do not give up. A job is like a boyfriend – you do not need everyone to like you, you just need the one that does 😉

Do you have any interview tips?
Please remember that not everything depends on you, and many factors which decide your employment are hidden from your sight.

Thank you, Zuzanna, for taking the time to talk with us about your job hunt experience! PWG-Basel extends a warm congratulations to you on you new job, and we look forward to seeing her at our upcoming events!


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