Job Seekers: Do You Ask Yourself This Question?

It’s no mystery whaisabellet hiring managers/recruiters can do for us job seekers (spoiler alert: get us an interview!!). But what about them? Do ever ask yourself “what can I do for the hiring manager?” Behind the selection process you will ultimately find a human being – just like you! – who has feelings and needs, not to mention pressure to meet deadlines in a limited time frame.

Former PWG Chair Isabelle Valibus centered last Tuesday’s CV Workshop around questions we can ask ourselves to better understand where the hiring manager is coming from. For example, think about how hiring managers handle hundreds of CVs for various positions at any given moment. Might they appreciate seeing the position you’re applying for clearly marked on your CV? Without a doubt.

Other questions to consider might be:

  • What basic information about you does the hiring manager want to see quickly?
  • What makes the hiring manager annoyed or angry? (hint: seeing “organized” as a strength over and over and over…)
  • Is your contact information easily visible?

As a job seeker, your skills and background should state what you can do for companies. But if your CV asks “what can you do for me?”, it’s guaranteed to end up in the trash. Putting yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes is a great first step towards constructing an eye-catching CV and getting a foot in the door.

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