Have You Flexed Your Intuition Muscle Lately?

CharlotteFrederiksenBy its very nature, defining intuition is a paradoxical endeavor: “it doesn’t like to be put in a box,” says Charlotte Frederiksen, executive coach certified by HEC Paris who specializes in intuition and its role in the professional arena. According to Merriam-Webster, intuition is “the natural ability…that makes it possible to know something without any proof.” If intuition, then, is the thing we know to exist without being able to prove it, how can we possibly get a hold of it in order to use it as a resource?

The first step is to distinguish intuition from emotions such as fears or desires. One way to recognize intuition is by the way it presents itself:

  1. Without reasoning (thought, deduction, argumentation…)
  2. Suddenly but in a serene way (no polluting emotions like anger)
  3. As a perception rather than an emotion (emotion being a reaction to a perception)  

Intuition, Charlotte explains, is like a muscle, and in order for it to become stronger it must be “flexed” often. When reading a job ad, for example, what is your first feeling and perception when you read it? What does your body tell you? Does it click with you and your desires? By practicing, you get to know how your intuition resonates with you and recognize better the messages it sends. A strong intuitive muscle will guide you through tough decisions and bring clarity to what really matters to you. Once recognized, it is important to “test it with a rational spirit,” Charlotte adds.

So how can your intuitive muscle help you in your job search? Being connected to your intuition while job-hunting enables you to:

  • Clarify your values and goals, and move towards them faster without losing yourself in rationalizations and emotions
  • Develop confidence in who you are and what you truly want
  • Communicate your elevator speech in a coherent way. It is distinctive and genuine.
  • Make decisions quickly and with conviction that they align with your goals
  • Determine if you are with a person or in an environment that suits you (ex: when you interview, what do you feel? When you shake someone’s hand what do you perceive?)
  • Become a more obvious choice for an employer for a job you
    really want

Charlotte’s goal is to accompany people to better understand their strengths, drives, and desires, and to guide them with their own intuition in order to accelerate their personal and professional development process. You can read more about her services at her website, or contact her directly at charlotte@co-incidence.ch

Can you think of a time when your intuition tried to send you a message? Share your story with us at web@pwg-basel.ch!


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