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Last Friday the Jobhunt Support Group was happy to welcome Patricia Widmer.

We had a record number of ladies attending and Patricia shared valuable tips for networking and coming back to business after a long break.

Networking in a different cultural environment can be difficult. Does and don’ts may vary from country to country and you never sure how to interpret the feedback you receive. That’s why a meeting with Patricia so useful.

Especially when you remember that 75% of jobs in Switzerland are never advertised and the candidates are being recruited via social and business network. Patricia explained how to build your own network, took us through the first steps of building a relation and explained how our behavior would be perceived in Switzerland. She stressed that talking straight away about the job you’re looking for doesn’t help you and that networking needs time.


She also strongly recommended not hiding a personal break in your CV but describing it as every other job with skills and achievements. So yes – it might be the time to put “Family CEO” or “Relocation Manager” on your CV.  Patricia has gone through the process of getting back to her career after a break herself, and is currently program head for the English version of the ‘Women back to Business’ program of the University of St. Gallen.

75% of alumni of “Women back to Business” found the job because of the program so if you’re thinking of career in management in Switzerland it definitely might be a solution.


Women back in Business


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