Gender Equality: Do Basel Politicians Think Like You?

wer-die-wahl-hat_a6_digital-page-001We’ve come a long way since the days when only men could vote. When it comes to putting gender equality into practice, though, it seems like there’s still so much left to fight for.

  • Would you support the creation of longer structured days so that children can be better covered during holidays, illnesses, and peak times?
  • Do you support measures for the prevention and awareness of sexual violence?
  • Do you support the request for a substantial increase in child and education allowances in order to improve the living conditions of families with children?

These are only 3 of 17 questions taken from a poll created by “Gleichstellungskommission Basel-Stadt” in collaboration with Smartvote.

The poll is available to both politicians and voters – Basel city council politicians have already taken the poll. Want to see if your stance on gender equality lines up with theirs? Take the poll to find out – click here!

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