The Interview is in German!? Really :-\

www_prathima cert Have you ever imagined to do a job interview in German?

Many times it is not your language skills that make us hesitant to do something.

It is our confidence, self-doubt, the “never tried that feeling” … we all know.

The only thing that helps …

  • try it out,
  • practice it,
  • get feedback from others,
  • work with mentors and coaches who nurture you.

Prathima Kondadi just completed the World Wide Women course and highly speaks of it:

“It was almost a full-time engagement, language skills homework, professional development topics packaged in questions that made you think. I did my first mock interview in German in the course, now I am working with my mentor to get back into the workforce here in Switzerland. A lot of changes happened for me because of this course. Now I feel that embedding myself into a German speaking work environment has become possible.”


World Wide Women is an attractive learning path for qualified immigrant women. The intensive course promotes the acquisition of key skills and know-how which are essential for their professional integration in Switzerland.

This training is designed for immigrant women who want to strengthen their professional, social and personal skills to increase their possibilities of entering the labour market in the German-speaking regions of Switzerland.

The promotion of language skills and the use of ICT technologies supporting learning and working (e-learning, teleworking, etc.) play an important role.

The course intends to support qualified immigrant women by:

  • increasing their personal, social and professional skills
  • promoting equal opportunities in the working environment
  • allowing the acquisition of key competences, needed for the professional integration
  • giving empowerment by creating and opening doors to networks
  • promoting their integration into the societies that receive them.

The course program includes traditional modules in the classroom (200 lessons), e-learning modules (168 lessons), practical training on the job (40 hours) and a mentoring programme (MinQ).

ecap minQ

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Read more about the course in the links below or come to PWG events to speak in person.

The World-Wide-Women Course

Mentoring minq

Flyer MinQ-1 [in German]

ECAP Basel WWW 2016 [in German]

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