Kicking Off Summer Right

Liz2Last Friday’s Job Hunt meeting was the first PWG-Basel event I had attended since I became a member last week, and it was a pleasure to be so warmly welcomed by like-minded people. The location, Bistrot Crescenda, couldn’t have been a more appropriate setting considering how it was founded by expat women entrepreneurs and offers services to women expats such as courses on entrepreneurship.

During the meeting I met other members, some who were new, such as myself, while others had been members for months or even years. Our backgrounds were also diverse, as were our skills. What we all had in common, however, is not only a desire to grow professionally but also a desire to help each other reach our goals.

While we listened to each other describe our backgrounds and ambitions, there was a mutual sense of support that manifested itself in the form of heartfelt feedback, suggestions, and recommendations. Although this was only my first meeting, I have no doubt the supportive and proactive spirit of the members is what defines PWG-Basel, and I only wish I had discovered the organization sooner.

Although today’s was the last Job Hunt meeting until August, I look forward to seeing these individuals in upcoming events, such as the FuckUpNight on Thursday July 7 th , and the picnic on July 15 th , as well as meet new members.

Thank you to everyone who came today and made me feel at home.

Liz McCreary


PWG Job Hunt Group

The group normally meets twice a month, on the first and third Friday morning, at the Bistrot Crescenda.  Upcoming meetings can be found in the events calendar. This support group has an informal character. In addition we occasionally host workshops covering specific job search related topics.

If you are not a PWG member, you are welcome to attend two meetings as a guest, please register for the meeting on the particular day you want to come.

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