How to win business by being genuine

image from linkedin blog of danielPWG SPEAKER UPDATE: Daniel Jordi

When I joined PWG in February 2014, the very first monthly meeting I missed was with Daniel Jordi. I heard lots of great comments about him from many of you.

I felt that it was a real pity missing out on exactly that particular PWG evening. So I started to follow the articles he writes on Linkedin Pulse and enjoyed what I was reading a lot:

His philosophy and method are laid on a cornerstone of building meaningful relationships – with people who share our values and who inspire us.

This aligned very much with my goals – I decided to get in touch with him. It lead me to participating in one of his courses early 2016. It was great value for my time and helped me to become clearer about how I wanted to proceed within the network I created during the last years.

Now Daniel released a free video course that helps Leadership & Executive Coaches do business on LinkedIn by building authentic relationships.

What I love most about Daniel’s style is how much he focuses on authentic communication.

Take a look at his free video course if you want to win people’s heart using LinkedIn.


PWG February Meeting Review



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