How intuition can remove the monkey off your back?


What is intuition and how can intuition help you in the job search?

This was the question Charlotte Frederiksen discussed with the 8 participants of the bi-weekly Job Hunt Group meeting on Friday 3rd of June.

Looking for a job you like is never easy. But there are several questions that might help you get a feeling about the job / company you apply to / for.

Here is the feedback from Ioana Luciu, one of the participants at Bistrot Crescenda:

Charlotte shared with us her job hunting experience. She gave some interesting tips on the job search process.


She talked about how one has to evaluate the personal expectations for a new job, first, getting to know ourselves and then, focusing the job search on a specific field.


She talked about listening to our inner voice, combining rational and intuitive spirits in the job searching process. Important is to learn how to distinguish intuition from fear, desire or projection.


Then, we can listen, trust and develop our intuition in our every-day life, including when searching for a job. Intuition is a powerful tool in all life situations. It helps for a better communication and interaction with others, and also to increase the self-confidence.

The end of the Job Hunting quest of Charlotte was really surprising:
She explained to us why she did not take the dream job offer that she always wanted when she had the contract offer in her hand. How listening to her intuition enabled her to remove the monkey off her back. What she did instead is another story …

Here are more questions and challenges that come along on that path:

  • How do you feel when you read a job add the first time?
  • How do you feel when you visit the company? and meet the potential colleagues and boss?
  • How do you keep the focus when there is pressure pushing you into other direction?

We recommend to know the exact reasons why you do not want to do something or why you do want to do them ….

— You need to buy yourself first —

Thanks Aletta for organizing the Job Hunt Group for PWG and its members for 11 years now!




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