Meeting Powerful Women at Expat Expo Basel

2016 06 12 Expat Expo DSC02310Expat Expo Basel was held in Basel this past Sunday and PWG was happy to host a table once again. Many of us were there to share PWG and all it’s benefits with the attendees. We had a wonderful day!

What a pleasure to meet so many powerful women and invite them to join our dynamic group. Our table was graced by 100 roses that we gave out to those expressing interest in our organization which brought many smiles and much appreciation.

We are happy to welcome the new members who joined PWG and are eager to again meet those who expressed interest at our future events.

See you soon at one of our upcoming events


Thansk to the team:
Laura Salvador, Prathima Kondadi, Richa Jain, Renée Hernandez, Rylla Resler, Kathy Luty, Monica Fontoura, Rashmi Seshadri, Beatrice Ariano, Laure Finet, Maria Tomassi, Judit Csapo

2016 06 12 Expat Expo DSC02249

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2016 06 12 Expat Expo DSC02229 2016 06 12 Expat Expo DSC02226

2016 06 12 Expat Expo DSC02210 2016 06 12 Expat Expo DSC02205

2016 06 12 Expat Expo DSC02255 2016 06 12 Expat Expo DSC02181



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