Ghosts guarding your learning zone

Donna Latin

How to step out of your comfort zone and embrace learning and change?

This was the question Donna Latin discussed with the 12 participants of the bi-weekly Job Hunt Group meeting on Friday 17th of June.

Understanding the concept of comfort zone, learning zone and panic zone enables us to read our inner reactions and feelings in situations is key to know what to do next and how to overcome what might be holding us back from our true potential.

In our own lives reflecting leads us to questions like:

  • Am I really committed to the job hunt?
  • What is stopping me?
  • Is it fear that keeps us from making the next brave step?

Donna called – Fear – the greatest equalizer on earth. Everyone has fears. No Exception. The Fear App is there to keep us safe. With factual evidence this warning function of our mind is very useful. Of course …
Then there is another alternative to debug the word fear:

F … false
E … evidence
A … appearing
R … real

At the same time we want to be true to our values, be transparent and feel aligned with our integrity. As Kathy Caprino’s article How your authenticity prevents you from bring a leader we may be hindering our growth.

More open questions than answers. Yes, this is for you to reflect on and work through with a coach and mentor …

Closing with a quote from Herminia Ibarra:

“When we’re aiming for impact, sometimes we have to stretch way beyond what feels like “the real me.”


Do you want to expand into your learning zone?
Come and be part of the FUN.basel Community – become a speaker …

Contact Donna at her Leaping Through Change Coaching & Consulting Praxis


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