Welcome in the Cat Hotel Müsli

2016 06 08 MM Nicole Rudin DSC02077

The cat hotel team and Nicole as their leader did a great job to show us behind the scenes of the massive operation – there are more than 100 cats and bunnies spending holiday time there when their owners are gone on vacation.

The challenging work for society is the animal rescue and protection work Nicole has been doing for all her life.

The dinner at Restaurant Ambiente with the wonderful meal gave us more time to understand the history and plans for the future.

Chapeau! We are very impressed and want to say thank you for who you all are and what you do.

Exceptional women – Nicole and every one working at Pappelstrasse 12 in Allschwil.

I bet everyone of us attending the evening is now thinking of how to further support the work of Nicole …

Curious about next steps. Everyone is welcome to join the thinking process — send us your thoughts via email.



Profile Nicole Rudin

Here are some photos … a little glimpse into what we experienced (and you missed ):

2016 06 08 MM Nicole Rudin DSC01958 2016 06 08 MM Nicole Rudin DSC02081

Nicole Rudin

Holidays home for bunnies and guinea pigs

Really cute bunny – quite strong character 🙂

2016 06 08 MM Nicole Rudin DSC02049

Rescued babies – some of them already have a new home awaiting them when they are old enough to be away from their mom

2016 06 08 MM Nicole Rudin DSC02022 2016 06 08 MM Nicole Rudin DSC01929

Home for 40 rescued cats – Come and visit them

Massive Operation

2016 06 08 MM Nicole Rudin DSC01953


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