What is shoeparking?


The July Women Entrepreneurship Meeting took place in a very special location. 1Fach Basel – Güterstrasse 97, 4053 Basel, just behind SBB. Stephanie Stadermann is the founder, owner and person with the idea.

A store for people who do not have a store – to sell their self made products.

You believe in the products you make, you want to sell them. You can not afford and do not need an entire shop. 1Fach is your solution = a store where you can rent shelf space for the products you want to sell.

From small to large, special deals for clothes and shoeparking.

fair|mieten & ver|kaufen

A little word play with the German language.

You can come any time and bring your products, your rental agreement starts on the day you bring it.

Love the new concept in Basel. Always changing new ways of impulsive shopping and a place to find unique, small scale hand made articles.”
Judit Csapo

Promotional opportunities included: the product of the week is featured in the online shop window. Here is an example for you:

21. Fach der Woche „busy books“
Yevgeniya Lavicka with I`ll do it myself busy book My name is Jenya Lavicka. I am Ukrainian and since almost 10 years live in Basel, Switzerland. Being a mom of 2 small children (I’ve got twin daughters :-), I always very carefully choose toys for them. Because…

DSC02582 DSC02550

Thanks Stephanie … for hosting us and sharing your story.



I still want to know how the term “Schuhparking” was born?
Please send me your insights any time …




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