The first time

2016 05 12 FUN1 DSC00232On Thursday 12.5.2016 we had the honor to welcome many of our PWG ladies at the first FuckUpNight in Basel.

With about 60 participants at the Lohnhof in Basel we joined an international community of 61 cities in 33 countries that held a FuckUpNight in May.

It is hard to speak about what went wrong, especially when things really go wrong. Depending on our upbringing and culture admitting mistakes and speaking about them ranges from difficult to completely impossible. It is never easy.

Despite this fact we were successful in creating an environment of trust that enabled people to share their thoughts and experiences from a position of strength and not weakness.

Thanks to our speakers and participants for a very powerful evening !

Thanks to Prathima and Laure for supporting us in making this happen.

See you again soon,

Jutta & Isabelle



A phenomenal opening

Erstmals in Basel [in German] Article in Basler Zeitung [in German]

News and upcoming dates


FuckUpNights are held in 143 cities in 53 countries. Stay tuned for next dates in July, September and November 2016.


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