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2016 04 13 Asitta Tabatabai DSC07823

This is Charley Whoop – more insights? Ask us …

Asitta is a mediator, coach and trainer who builds upon her experience as a lawyer and natural doctor, as well as on her background in psycho-physical integration. She made a promise to show us how to feel, react, communicate better, as well as be healthier and more powerful in difficult situations. An ambitious goal you admit, yet fully achieved.

Using knowledge based facts and real life examples, Asitta proved that when facing conflict we tend to reach for unsuccessful strategies. We let ourselves to be stress-driven. That is how our human nature normally reacts. But there is a good news – Asitta argued – we can change.

First, we should accept that we do not know the whole truth. “As a young lawyer I was going through many police reports; I was very surprised that there are ten witnesses of the same accident and each of them sees it differently.” Asitta not only explained inattentional blindness and tunnel vision, but also proved it to us with simple exercises. So if you are waiting for the other side to finally understand and believe your story – stop, or you may wait forever.

by Marzena Tajchman
Guest Author / Participant Voice


“Stay cool in fiery situations” was the fourth main meeting of Professional Women Group in Basel this year. Nearly 30 guests attended the lecture of Asitta Tabatabai Garbutt who shared her views on how to react better in conflict situations.

Asitta was so kind to share her slides with us. Interested in more? See the special offers valid only for PWG member. Please login to our Bulletin board for more details.

Thank you very much for being our guest.


PWG April 2016 Slides – Stay cool in fiery situations


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